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Family Based Company Principles guiding 30+ years of Community Commitment and ongoing contributions.

Every year Fillmore Construction strives to support and acknowledge charities and associations surrounding affected individuals in our community – locally, nationally and internationally. Through community involvement, our company comes together and works as a team for the common good of those in need of support and financial aid.

This adds up to millions in contributions back to the community over the 30-year history of our company.  Yearly the direct dollar impact back into our community through charitable donations is over $100,000

MS Bike Tour

Fillmore Construction adopted the annual MS Bike Tour as our primary fundraising focus in 2006. The “Happy Fillmores” team has raised more than any other team in Canada for several years. To date we have raised over $1.81M in an effort to fight MS.


We are inspired to grow the team and our efforts by our friends and coworkers who struggle through this horrible disease, we endevour to grow our impact every year.


The “Happy Fillmores” provide an annual team of over one hundred participants and thirty volunteers. In 2023 the Happy Fillmores raised an additional $113,575. In addition to our participation and financial contribution we have an outsized volunteer hours contribution including overall organizing of the MS Bike tour and sponsoring the Riders Village at the Camrose Exhibition Grounds Riders Village.


Yearly and monthly contributions

Fillmore Construction and our employees contribute to community involvement far more than the examples above.  Through volunteering and financial contributions, the smaller contributions can sometime be the most impactful in the community.


We base our smaller donations on what is important to our employees, their families, and our clients.  Some of these include local sports teams, Habitat for humanity, Bicycles for Humanity (B4H), the local food banks of communities we are working in, and the World Longest Hockey game held annually to fight cancer.


Fillmore sponsors four (4x) $3000 per year scholarships at NAIT annually. One for a first year CET, one for a second year CET, one first year BTech and one for second year BTech. If a person receives the first or third scholarship and they keep their grades up, they will automatically get the second or fourth scholarship.


The Fillmore Family Scholarship - Brent Fillmore (Founder) graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Civil Engineering degree in 1976. Fillmore Construction sponsors a $5000 scholarship; It goes to a student who has good grades while being someone in need of financial support. If the recipient receives the scholarship in year one and they hold their grades they will receive it for the following three years.

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